flame.jpegThese are burning questions from my students . . .

  • What does 'slub' mean?
Slub is a descriptive word popping up in catalogs and magazines that means cotton of an uneven finish.

  • Why do they pierce the noses of bulls?
  • How do they pierce a bull's nose?
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  • Why do hippos attack people sometimes?
According to wikipedia, hippos are one of the most aggressive animals ever. So, I guess you could say they attack people if a person is there and the hippo feels like it (because hippos are just like that :-)).
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  • Why are a hippos teeth circular?
They aren't. And hippos are often killed for their teeth. See picture:

  • Is it true that you can stick a nail through your nose and into your brain and not feel it?
No it is not true. Ok, this one was gross, but I found it. Trained performers stick a nail into their NASAL CAVITY -- not their brain :-).

  • Is a rhino horn made of the same thing as human hair?
Yes. Keratin is the substance that makes up human hair, other mammal hair/fur, nails, horns, and hoofs.

Good job guys! Keep those burning questions coming!