Around the House Project

100 pts

Almost all of household items and food contain chemicals.Even bottled water has sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride. Some chemicals in our house can be harmful and most are completely nontoxic. Many chemicals are added to help sanitize or preserve. Chemicals are a necessary part of our lives.

1. Choose a household item. Remove the label carefully. Attach it to a 1/2 poster.
2. Find an active ingredient. . . something that "sounds chemistry." Hint: look for words you learned in this class.
3. Post the following on your project:
a. Purpose of item
b. Chemical formula for active ingredient(s)
c. Chemical structure for active ingredient(s)
d. Hazards for active ingredient(s)
e. Other places to find active ingredient(s)
4. Be creative!

If you have time, look up the same item in a different brand. Compare active ingredients. Do a cost analysis! Bonus :-)