external image questns.gif"Does calcium give you diarrhea?"

Some students said yes, they give you calcium to have a colonoscopy. We looked into and it turns out the answer is ...

Not generally...
99% of Calcium in your body is in the bones and teeth. 1% is in blood and tissue. You need calcium in your diet and if you do not get it, your body will take it from your bones! But watch out, because you can get too much calcium, too. Balance is the key to everything, it seems.

Magnesium is present in milk of magnesia which can be used as an antacid or as a laxative (producing diarrhea).
Magnesium glutonate is prescribed for people with magnesium deficiency. A magnesium deficiency can cause diarrhea!

not sure what chemical compound is used before colonoscopy...


external image questns.gif"Is silicon (the element we looked at in lab yesterday) the same thing that's in breast implants?"


This is a picture of the silicone polymer. Notice that SILICON is the atom at the center of SILICONE!

external image silicone_molecule_trans.gif

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