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Ms. Spencer's Animal Prezi

First Block

Jimmy - Porifera

Brandon - Cnidarians

Deja - Birds

Lakeitra - Platyhelminthes

Kiara - annelida

Nicoletta - Nematoda

Cody - Reptiles

Chris - Echinodermata

Dana - Mollusca

Aliyah - Arthropoda

Colby - Sponges:)

Devontae - Porifera

Destiny - Cnidarians

Takeira - Fish

Khali - Echinodermata

Tyquan - Mammals

Sam - Annelida

Kayla - Nematoda

Seirra - Amphibians

Deseanna - fish

Cekeithia - Mollusca

Kendrick - Arthropoda

Josh - Echinodermata

Tiana - Reptiles

Ben - Mammals

Keisha - Arthropoda

Keambria - Annelida

Jessica - Amphibians

Talisha - Birds

Third Block - got assignments in class on Wednesday 12/01/10 - If they were absent or can't remember look on seating chart.

Q - Porifera

Ladedrick - Porifera

Tracy - fish

Will - arthropoda

Tammiey - nematoda

Nick - mammals

Keona - amphibian

Blakely - annelida

Eric - cnidarians

Jamichael - reptiles - EXCELLENT!

Terrance - mollusk

Keirra - arthropoda

Daja - cnidarians

Demarlio - echinodermata

Mariah - reptile

Brittany - fish

Jason - birds

Keith - annelida