• Describing acids and bases in terms of strength, concentration, pH, and neutralization reactions
  • Solving problems involving molarity, including solution preparation and dilution
  • Identifying the nomenclature of acids

Purpose of Unit

In this unit, we will learn about the pH scale. Most students do well with this straight forward short unit. The focus of learning is on characteristics of acids and bases. We jump right in with an inquiry based lab, 39 drop. This lab allows students to create a standardized pH color chart & allows the opportunity to compare household solutions to the chart in order to determine pH. Students will calculate molarity of a solution and learn how to name acids. A review of polyatomic ion flashcards (from the naming unit in January) will aid in naming acids.


Soda Article

Aspirin Article

Aspirin Article Questions

Review Acid/Base Notes!

Acid/Base Quiz


  • Describing factors that affect the rate of solution

Factors Affecting Rate of Solutions by misterbrowner@gmail.com